The External Competition Secretary is responsible for the organization of the selection process and for the necessary paperwork to enable NWPA enter external competitions. Currently, these are:

  • PAGB Inter-Federation Competition/Exhibition   (selection  beginning of May for closing date 1st June)
  • Celtic Challenge  (selection September – event held October/November)


NWPA Selectors are chosen at the AGM after their names have been put forward by their own clubs’  NWPA delegates.  Their names must be put forward in writing at least two weeks prior to the AGM.
Selectors remain on the selection panel until such time as they ask to leave or when the NWPA Officers decide to change the selectors for fresh eyes
All the selectors will be notified of the proposed selection dates and venues and asked about their availability.   The Competition Secretary will then invite THREE to attend.
Three selectors should be present for the selection of each competition


The competition secretary can invite up to three other non-selectors to help on the day with the putting up of prints, helping with the projection of the PDI’s,  recording the chosen images and hospitality.


The Competition Secretary can invite a maximum of 6 observers along to the selection day
These observers must have previously expressed an interest in becoming an NWPA selector and preferably have some experience of entering salons.
These observers must let the competition secretary know at least 14 days prior to the selection day that they would like to attend the selection day
New selectors don’t necessarily have needed to attend this process in the past to become a selector though it would be advantageous
The observers must remain quiet and are not part of the selection process but are there to see how the images are selected


The selectors, observers and helpers must understand that the selection is a closed process, carried out fairly and in the best interest of the NWPA and what happens remains within the walls of the meeting is private


A light lunch will be provided on the day, paid for by the NWPA