Images (L to R) by John Bell, Tony Grubb & Sian Davies


Andy Polakowski  APAGB DPAGB, AWPF, EFIAP/b, GPU-Cr2, BPE4* HonNWPA

Andy PolakowskiAndy was still in shorts when he started printing in his father's darkroom and photography, photographs, photographica have been a major part of his life ever since.
A past winner of The British Photography Competition it wasn't until moving to North Wales that he joined his one and only camera club, Mold Camera Club, 40 years ago where he is currently Vice-Chairman and External Competitions Secretary.
As a keen believer in getting photographic images seen, he is a prolific exhibitor both Nationally and Internationally gaining over 100 Awards not only with single images but also Audio-Visuals. Using one of the current crop of book self-publishers is another outlet that Andy is also pursuing and encouraging to others.
He maintains that clubs now have a greater than ever role to play in bringing out the best in everyone's photographic ambitions and to this end, for over 30 years, he has been lecturing and judging in photography clubs throughout North Wales and the North West and Midlands of England.
"Take pictures, show pictures, look at pictures" could be his motto.

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Sue Clark

Sue ClarkMy interest in photography changed from a pastime to a passion when I discovered Photoshop in the late 1990s. I found that I was much more at home with digital technology than I had been with darkroom processing. It was an opportunity that I didn’t realise I was waiting for!   
Over the years I have developed my knowledge of the programme and although my images almost always look as if they are straight from the camera, they are invariably heavily edited, whether they are single images or a composite of several. 
My work has been selected for national and international exhibitions and salons. 
I have been a member of Conwy Camera Club since 2010.
I judge camera club competitions.
My lectures on composition and photo editing have been led by my interest in art and art history.

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Now I am a member of Eryri Photo Group. I have belonged to other photo clubs over many years; back in the 1970s I joined Wigan PS for 4 years then Crewe CC in the 1980s for about 3 years. Again moving I joined Cefni CC. When I retired in 2004 and decided to get back into club photography and turned digital! As I was now living in the Conwy area I joined Conwy CC before joining Llandudno, I have enjoyed success at club level, not been out of the top 3 photographers in any club.

Type of photography, I would say that I enjoy taking people in their environment i.e. street photography, a bit of landscape & animals as well.

Over the past eight years I have enjoyed entering national & international salons gaining my BPE5 & AFIAP, also gaining my CPAGB & DPAGB back to back 7 years ago in prints and PDIs, and about 2 years ago a panel of prints for my AWPF.

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Sharon Prenton Jones

Sharon Prenton JonesI picked up a camera for the first time in 2012 and quickly became obsessed with photography.  I purchased a Nikon D3100, moved to a Nikon D7100 and then to an  Olympus Pen-F. In December 2017 I sold everything and purchased a Sony A7Riii.  Happy to say I have now found the perfect camera for me.

I joined Llandudno Photographic Society in 2012 and then moved to Conwy Camera Club in 2018.  I started entering Club competitions and National and International Salons very quickly without a clue what I was doing.  However, I kept an open mind, listened to criticism, tried lots of different forms of photography, and most importantly had fun. 

Having tried various aspects of photography over the last 6 years I think I have now found my niche which is Portraiture, Fine Art Photography and Composite work.  I use Photoshop as my main processing tool.

I look forward to many more years of fun in a Photography World that has room for every genre.

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John Bell

John BellI have always had a camera and a somewhat naive interest in photography from my teens.
I stayed with film until 2009, that’s when I bought my first digital camera. With little experience, no training, but a lot of heart, I set out to become a photographe.
I joined my first Camera club in 2010 in Mold and later on became a member of the Eryri Photography group.
I very quickly came to realize that photography is a never ending learning process, from the technical side of it to the art and storytelling. However, I have to say that the journey is all part of the fun!
I gained my Licentiate with the Royal Photographic Society in 2012,
Then went on to exhibit in international salons around the world.
In 2017, I had work accepted for the prestigious  ‘ Masters of Print’ exhibition that was on display in London at the RK Burt Gallery.

I would describes my photography as both a hobby and an obsession!

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Linda Bell

Linda BellI am a local photographer who lives just outside Mold in North Wales.
I enjoy all types of photography but particularly enjoy doing Nature and still life.
I started entering exhibitions and photographic salons in 2012, and have received much pleasure from this, gaining some awards along the way. We live in a beautiful part of the world and it inspires me on a regular basis to get the camera out and go exploring.

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Ian O'NeillIan has been interested in photography from an early age thanks to his brother, who used to develop his own pictures in a makeshift darkroom (their bathroom!), and for a six year old it was magic. A camera was the first thing he ever purchased with his first salary when starting work and he has never been without one since.

At the moment he uses the Olympus system which is light and gives excellent results; after 25 years with Canon, Olympus gives him what he wants in a small package. The genres he's most interested in photography-wise are People, Environmental, Landscapes and Macro . . . but he does turn his hand to other subjects when the urge is there. But his main interest is people photography and he enjoys the rapport to get the perfect shot ("yet to get it . . . still striving for it!").

He is a member of Blaenau Ffestiniog camera club and is their Competition Secretary, as well as webmaster.  It is a small club with some really impressive photographers across so many genres.

He feels it has been privilege to be asked to judge and lecture in numerous clubs in the NWPA and has enjoyed every minute of it; he says "the enthusiasm of the members in photography is simply wonderful to behold, may it continue".

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